Welcome to my New Website!

February 2017 marked my 30th year in the quilting business and to celebrate this milestone, Kallisti Quilts has created a brand new website from scratch. Although it will appear familiar to loyal customers, it now includes many interactive features, such as a search function, shopping cart and secure check out system.  As always, custom orders and personal appointments in Waterloo are still welcome.  Happy shopping!

Yoko Saito Prints - August 2017

Over the summer months, Kallisti Quilts continues to receive small shipments of gorgeous Japanese fabrics, including 14 prints (some pictured on the right) and 7 yarn dyes from Yoko Saito, which are an exciting addition to the current inventory.  Several customers have already requested custom bundles of green and burgundy to get an early start on - you guessed it - Christmas projects!  If you are equally organized, you can take a look at the new fabrics on page 1 of the Japanese Quilting Prints and Japanese Yarn Dyes section.

Japanese Yarn Dyes - July 2017

Small shipments of Japanese fabrics continue to arrive over the summer months.  The latest collection includes a few lights, which are so popular that I can't keep them in stock!  If you need to build your stash, you can purchase up to five fat quarters for only $5 shipping.  The newest fabrics are posted on page 1 of the Japanese Yarn Dyes section.  More coming in August and September . . .

South African Panels - June 2017

Just in time for Quilt Canada in Toronto, a small but stunning selection of South African panels has arrived!  Along with many popular designs, Kallisti requested African Woman and Gazelles in several colours custom made to blend with the Tanzanian batiks.  All fabrics are 100% cotton, measure approximately 10" square and cost $3 each.  For easy shopping, panels are now listed alphabetically from Cheetah to Zebra.  You can view the entire collection in the South African Panels section.

Diawabo Prints - April 2017

A few gorgeous new prints from Diawabo of Japan are now available, and based on the response of Open House attendees, these bolts will sell out quickly!  While there are only two designs, they are both relatively large scale and come in four to six colours, each one beautiful as a theme print.  All fabrics are 100% cotton, measure approximately 45" wide and cost $18 per metre or $4.50 per fat quarter.  You can find them grouped together on pages 1 and 2 of the Japanese Quilting Prints section. 

Diawabo Yarn Dyes - March 2017

With spring shows fast approaching, my large shipment of Diawabo yarn dyed fabrics has arrived in plenty of time for me to produce a couple of new booth quilts.  With so many beautiful combinations, it will be difficult to choose!  The new selection includes the very popular greyish blues and other colours (pink, purple and green), along with many neutrals from cream to black.  All fabrics are 100% cotton, measure approximately 45" wide and cost $28 per metre or $7 per fat quarter.  You can find these new Diawabo fabrics on pages 1 and 2 of the Japanese Yarn Dyes section.

New Tanzanian Batiks - January 2017

These fabrics are fairly traded from several talented batik artists in Dar es Salaam.  They are hand printed and hand dyed, so shading naturally varies within each piece.  This shipment also includes a few paint splatter and border prints, along with three colours of elephants, all of which I suspect will be very popular with African fabric collectors.  Any residual wax can be easily removed with a gentle hot water machine wash without releasing any dyes.  All batiks are 100% cotton, measure 45" wide and cost $14 per metre or $3.50 per fat quarter.  You can find these fabrics in their own fabric section called Tanzanian Batiks.

Architectural Prints - November 2016

With the popularity of Yoko Saito's applique projects, especially houses, Diawabo has released this small collection of architectural prints.  Four colours are available (whitewash, barnboard, charcoal and honey), each bolt including five different roofing or flooring prints across the 45" width.  Fabrics are 100% cotton and cost $18 per metre.  Fat quarters will not be cut, but you can request long quarters, half metres, etc.  You can find these fabrics in the Japanese Quilting Prints section.

A Twist on Tradition - September 2016

At first glance, these new dobby prints appear to be a variation on a standard theme, but they are actually a fresh take on two ancient designs. Both the Seigaiha (Ocean Waves) and the Asanoha (Hemp Leaves) patterns were developed centuries ago and have been reimagined many times over by textile designers, among others. In the last fifteen years or so, Kallisti Quilts has seen and sold dozens of variations . . . You probably have more of these fabrics in your stash than you realize! Why keep collecting? This particular line features some unusual tones of the most popular Japanese colours and is more modern than most with the bold polka dot in the Asanoha and a welcome hint of secondary colour in both, creating movement and visual appeal. The added bonus is that this line is printed on light weight, textured dobby cloth. All fabrics are 100% cotton, measure approximately 45" wide and cost $24 per metre and $6 per fat quarter.  You can find these fabrics in the Japanese Dobby Cloth section.

About Me

Established in November 2000, Kallisti Quilts is passionate about providing a diverse collection of imported fabrics for the discerning and innovative quiltmakers of Ontario and beyond. I specialize in Japanese and African cotton fabrics, including fairly traded handmade batiks, but I continually endeavour to find new suppliers and refresh your quilting vision. For a tactile experience, you may visit Kallisti Quilts at the shows listed on the Events page. I attend over a dozen shows each year, host two Open Houses in Waterloo and squeeze in as many trunk shows as my schedule allows.